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Describe the aims and goals that you want to achieve through joining Raleigh in 200-400 words. This essay will help us decide if you are a suitable candidate for joining Raleigh.

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Please provide two references. At least one must be a professional reference - ideally your current or most recent employer, or school. The other can be a personal reference but not a direct family member. We will always ask you before contacting your referees.

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We need the details of your next of kin (mother/father/local guardian) - someone who we can contact in case of emergency.

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By accepting our code of conduct you are agreeing to abide to the following during your expedition:
  • No alcohol consumption
  • No illegal activities, including drug taking
  • No personal phones or communication systems on project site
  • No inappropriate Manager/Venturer relationships during expedition
  • Respect the local culture, traditions and customs
  • No acts of physical or verbal violence
  • Don't put yourself or others at risk
  • Protect the environment
The aim of the Raleigh International Code of Conduct is to create a positive and safe environment where all participants know what is expected of them, and to help them work alongside each other to achieve both the goals of the expedition and the individual's personal aims.
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